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Hiking Guide


Reasons for Hiking in Big Bend National Park



Big Bend National Park poses an intriguing challenge to those who wish to explore it. Its beauty is comparable to the best national parks in the country. Here are some reasons for you to consider spending a couple of days or so going hiking in Big Bend National Park.


Isolation. This park is about the same size as Rhode Island and welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Nevertheless, its sheer size allows you to explore approximately a square mile and a half, all on your own. While some people might gather around some areas of the park, going on a big bend national park hiking trip around the place can keep you from bumping into another person for at least a couple of days. Checking in with the park rangers necessitate you to show your permit. They will also be asking you some questions, particularly on where exactly you will go hiking, and your level of preparation for the hike ahead. They will also take some snapshots of you, along with the sole pattern of your boots. This should help you prepare for the challenges of isolation up ahead.


The night sky. The night sky in this national park is simply breathtaking. You can easily see the difference between what you usually see in a night sky and the wonders you can observe at night while in the park. Prepare to be enthralled with the starlit night sky in the park. And it is quite usual for you to see some shooting stars. To learn more about hiking, you can visit


Sunrise and sunset. It is not hard to appreciate the natural colors of sunrise and sunset you can observe in this national park. You will definitely be left in wonder seeing the pink, orange, purple and red hues you can see. The beauty you can observe during these times of the day is simply surreal.


Wildlife. This national park boasts a thriving wildlife. You can see deer, coyotes, and snakes. There are even different species of scorpions claiming the national park their home. If you are after seeing some wildlife, you will definitely love this wild world.


The Rio Grande. The Rio Grande is a powerful river that offers you a wild and scenic sight. This equates to lots of fun for hikers. You can go swimming, canoeing, kayaking or white water rafting in this magnificent river that snakes through the national park. You can also explore the beauty of the canyons that this dramatic river cuts through. Taking a hike along this river inside the park would definitely give you a lot of opportunity for some picturesque big bend national park hiking trails shots.